Zowie celeritas 2


I recently got this keyboard and I gotta say that so far I am very happy with its performance. I read in other reviews that one of the key features is “the optimal pretravel” and I think they’ve really nailed it still. I’ve been testing it in CS:GO and i get this consistent feel when it comes to my strafing, peaking and sudden movements
i have not experienced from any other keyboard its nutty.

I did a little more research on this and if you check on the Cherry page, you will see that the amount of force needed to press the keys down increases at different amounts. With ZOWIE it’s the same increase in force throughout which is key for consistency. Easy on the muscle memory. It feel this is possible because they have implemented their own iron springs in each key, its pretty nuts.

I know they aren’t the first to do optical switches but like what they’ve done with their mice I think they’ve done it really well. Btw the benefit of the optical switches is that you avoid double key presses which becomes quite common on a mechanical keyboard after some use. It’s designed for eSports pros so if you’re only using it for a bit of casual gaming you probably won’t notice this.
I would still recommend it to non competitive players because of the TYPING, its madd smooth in a way. I can’t explain it but I’ve been having less typos. I’m guessing it has something to do with the pretravel but I honestly don’t know. I’ve read on forums about other users having a similar experience.

Oh and like all ZOWIE gear it’s driverless and has an adjustable LED backlight.

If you are going to buy it I’d recommend getting it directly from ZOWIEDirect.com or Rexflo.net
I’ve had the best service from these guys real talk, not so much from Amazon.