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Why i don´t have Premium… the payment is successful ( at Paypal and Xsolla ) but still no Premium after Re-Lo… nobody answer at the FaceIt Support Site. Why is the Support of a Payment Site sooooo bad… i can´t believe at.


Hey @Trend89 - If you have already submitted a support ticket, please wait for a reply. They will get to it in time.

Please note: I’ve moved this thread to Community.


how long i must being wait ? normaly for the support 2-3 days ?


I’m sorry, but I don’t know. There are probably a lot of users requiring help. Please wait patiently.


yea i understand but if i sell somethink i have to bring a good support just for paymend fails yea but anyway i will wait


and still no answer!!! sorry but if they fix the issue not till this evening i want my money back and go to esea with my mates sorry but this is so discusting -.-


and suprice no answer!!!