Your servers? or just 70% players playing on potato PC with internet for 1 dollar per year?


Every game there is someone, that is more teleporting than moving. Everygame there is someone, that is beign saved from dieing because he laggs. Because Im an awper, it tilts me twice more, because when I miss cuz someone laggs and than he kills me. I was never mad on this. After month playing faceit? THERE IS NOT 1 FU… SINGLE GAME, WHEN SOMEONE WASN´T MORE TELEPORTING THAN MOVING. Im not lagging, if on france, netherlands, whatever servers, IM NOT EVEN LAGGING ON NA SERVERS, Im just never lagging. Teammates? Enemy players? 50% of them are only lagging, I literally can´t rankup cuz 70% of my looses I´ve got teleporting enemy that are impossible to kill. They doesnt peak like moving into your crosshair, they just spawns in front of your face to shoot your head. Im already so hardly tilted after last game right now when literally 4 people were not running, but fu… teleporting and killing everyone. All my teammates were shooting trough them, but from their view? It´s just a normal game, when ur like Nio from matrix. Is it going to be better at higher levels? Or is just faceit only about this? God i still can´t get how this thing took all players from esea. I´ve seen like 1 lagging guy there for a week. Now I have 1 game with all 9 not lagging people like once per month. How is this even possible?


Im like really sorry for beign so offensive, I don´t mean it, it´s probably nobody´s from faceit team fault, but how can I literally never lagg, but orthers, literally teleporting? When I watch demo replays, the people are moving else as they moved in game. If I remember moment of his lagg when I shot him and he lagged and survived, at demo I just shooted nobody when no one was there. I just want to know how is this possible, Im already so hardly tilted from this. Faceit took all players from esea, but it´s unplayable for me when my max ping in any server is 19. I just want to meet lagging player at least 1 guy per 5 games, not everygame all game someone just lagging. Someone else having feelings like this? I know that if it´s not fun, I should just not play it. But cs means too much for me to quit playing it, and since you took all players from esea, this is only where u can play. (not even talking about placebo anticheat, but thats valve´s fault)