Your pubg admins SO Slow and Bad!


After first game of this tournament . Admins for some reasons aborted game 1 results and Create New tournament. Last message from admins in last chat :

NO ONE WORD about game one.
There only 3 mins to connect Lobby. i dont have time for read chat. Also it was super spammed on Turkish language.
After 3 game , we garanted to go next round (we reach top 2, top4, top5) . But admins start Game 4 .
After this game we trying to connect admins in all chat and private chat but they ignore us(may be they also dont wanna read this spammed chat on turkish language.)
For a some time they answered us:
Alin6:35 PM
We posted on the main chat(This one) and in each match room chat
6:35 PM
and on our discord
6:35 PM
and as a message on faceit Platform, the Yellow thing on top

WE EVEN dont have time to read this chat . ALSO we dont read your discord channel.
AND the YELLOW MESSAGE ON FACEIT is : “Dota2 Tournaments - There is currently a bug with the warmup time in game being set for only 5 minutes, instead of 15 minutes. Please ensure that you join right away so the match will start and you wont receive an AFK loss after 5 min.”

Its their mistake! And they can not notify us correct…
Its not fair. your admins are not competent.