You cannot queue since you already playing a match



i can’t play faceit cs go 5 v 5 in SEA. the problem come when i played my last game on 5-6 PM UTC+7 . my match didnt get result after winning 16-12 for +26 ELO. i don’t have any screenshot for last match but my big problem i can’t queue cs go 5 v 5 in SEA. I hope admin fix this BUG and unlock my account for this BUG. i am already make email to steam support after more than 12 hour , i didnt get any reply for my problem.



i meet problme too i teammate with fakeexwar fix pls
faceit link


i also had this problem for 3 weeks


me too. i dont know how to do


me too. someone pls help me


me too. someone pls help me


same problem.
please, fix it.
nickname HARM-


same, some1 help me
nick: kirikun_____


I cant find a game…
fix it pls




me too problem.



me too

faceit link :


mee to


me too,

annoying as fuck.


can u help me, me too


same problem here pls fix