WTF is the point of having two clients?

Seriously though.

I have to be honest Faceit from a software and usability aspect is straight garbage.

You wait 20 minutes for your dodgeball captains to put their weiners away deciding for you what map you are forced to play and then while you’re getting the magnum r eady to shove down your throat the match miraculously starts yet the client doesnt autoload you into the game, so you miss it, and everyones mad at you when the ESEA client would have had you halfway through the game by that point.

But that’s besides the point. Why in christs name do you have a Standard client that downloads from the “Download Client” page for it to be utterly useless as you need to have the AC client that has to have restart required super ultra omega n ray admin privileges? So now when I turn my PC on from the necessary restart I have faceit on my startup and THEN I HAVE FACEIT AC on startup.


also white background with light grey text??

I’m pretty sure you guys hired Ubisoft Paris, inbetween their busy annual just dance release, to make your 17 different clients and forums