WOT need help with account


I can not connect my account to the tanks, writes that the account is connected to another user, although this is excluded. Tried to create another account, it’s useless


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If you receive the error:

Game account is already linked to another user

This means that your game account is already registered on our platform. In order to play with this game account you must log into your original account you created that has the game ID linked to it.

If you can not remember the email to your original account or your password please see this article - Forgotten my login details

If you create a new account with a new game account, without asking for the old one to be deactivated you will receive a permanent ban. *How do i deactivate my old account? : - Close old account

Source: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/207568229-Can-I-have-more-than-one-FACEIT-account-

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