Worst support ever


Hi, i’m waiting for a month now to get my support solved. I didn’t get an answer for more than 2 weeks now and before i had to wait 1 week for an useless answer. How ridiculous is your support???


Hey @hyaliN - Sorry to hear you’re having issues - Could you send me over your Support Ticket ID?


Meanwhile I received some answers, which are just inacceptable.

Ticket ID: 417766

1st the support said: the player who joined the league earler will win the prize (when both have the same amount of points)

Now she says: If two or more players have the same points amount when the ladder ends, places will be assigned taking into account the higher amount of matches played.

In the league description is not a single word of this description and I had 45 wins while that other guy just had 31. So why shouldn’t I win it though?


Hi @hyaliN - I don’t really know the whole situation and you should ask these questions to the support team member that you’re talking with in your ticket :slight_smile:


@Kaostic , that’s what i did but getting a single answer in 7 days or more is actually pretty sad and really annoying. It’s 10. of april and this couldn’t be solved for over a month now. Like for real over 1 month to get a simple answer or at least to show me the rule of it? :wink:

It’s about the premium Gold Ladder number 45 of February. (https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/league/EU/5v5PREMIUM?edition=45&rank=3&ladder=7155146c-409a-4f54-9caf-516d144f13f4 I don’t know if that link works)

We got the same amount of points and there’s no word in the league description that u need to join it earlier than the other player or that u need more wins or anything (although I got more wins ( 45wins to 31 wins)


I spoke with the team, and this is correct. It’s total amount of matches, not total amount of wins.

I will ask the Support Team to ammend this support article to shed some light on it: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/207783109-How-does-FACEIT-s-league-system-work-