Wingman on FACEIT?



Operation Hydra is over. Wingman has been added to the game and is now one of the official modes. I think it would be nice if we could play Wingman/2v2 on Faceit without it affecting our 5v5 ELO points.


2v2 can be nice but I think it’s unnecessary.


Thanks for the feedback :). I’ve been waiting since Hydra dropped to sort some stuff out around the various game modes :slight_smile:

See what I can do, but it might not be anything straight away.


This would be really cool.


whats the point of playing it on FACEIT when you are not earning any ELO??
Not that good idea tbh…


You could perhaps also earn wingman elo and a wingman level?
Like second rank they way Valve did in the game itself.


Edit: forgot the @


I have been looking forward to a wingman tournament to release because I do not have enough friends with free time to play 5v5


I would love a wingman tournament feature added


@KeT0M Faceit instead of implementing new features need to fix some bugs and consider that players need better support system because of multiple false kicks etc. Dont be shy learn something from ESEA.