Why we don’t need a Team Fortress 3



So I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while and I think I should share it. Valve releasing a third installment in the Team Fortress series wouldn’t be entirely practical. First off, if they wanted to do something such as up the graphics, add new weapons, new cosmetics, new maps, new game modes, or heck, even a new CLASS, that could all be done with updates. As of right now, there have been 656 updates for the game, and Valve has even stated themselves that they wanted TF2 to be an ongoing project. Secondly, maybe Valve would want to make an entirely new game. Maybe they’d ditch everything that TF2 already is, with cartoony style graphics, humorous vibes, and make a more realistic game. What if they completely redid the classes and how they are portrayed? But TF2 has done something with the classes I haven’t seen any other FPS war game do before, I don’t see classes that you just control, I see actual characters. They may not have real names, but they sure do have personalities! Could imagine Team Fortress 2 without Engineer’s laidback country-style attitude? Or without Spy’s mysterious and gentlemen-like traits? Or even without Scout’s energetic and fun ways? I’d hate to imagine TF2 without Pyro’s cuteness yet also creepiness. What I’m saying here is that Team Fortress 2 is a timeless masterpiece that just oozes out charm. You could show this nearly 11 year-old game to someone today and tell them that it had very recently been released and they’d probably believe you. This game has worked up such a community that after over a decade, there are still over 50,500 people playing it RIGHT NOW!Replacing it with something completely different would just be unneeded, to say the least.

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