Why should I play premium?

Why should I play faceit premium? When I cant play with my friends?
When I play solo premium, its extremely cancer games, Im playing with 2.2k elo when I have 3k. WOW
Its somethink insane to play this with guys who has no idea how this game works, how im supposed to win a single game(soloq) when im getting 2.2k elo and theese ppl has game knowledge like B rank on ESEA? And If you lose first pistol round is insta lose bcs ppl dont know there is a new economy system half year and forcing every single round until half :slight_smile:

Add next levels because this skill gap is something unbelievable.

Thank you very much I hope you read it! :slight_smile:


Why you cant?

Players with 2k+ elo plays HUBS (live admins, prizes, legit tryhard players etc.) instead of premium matches.