Why russians should get there own servers

I know allot of people who are done with russians playing in EU servers but this is just bad. They troll they rage quit never communicate and they are really toxic. Why don’t invest so they get there own shit to play on they make us EU players get tired and makes allot of players switch to ESEA less russians is better counter-strike I know allot of people will get mad “There are som russians who are good” yeah great but majority is bad toxic players. “Some Germans are nice 1940” Yeah but majority was bad. I just don’t want to switch to ESEA as I really like FaceIT but seems like we all have to do it.

And staff before you flag “hate speech” maybe google what hate speech is before you do it.

The best way would be that users have an option to exclude russian or other country players from their machups.
And another option would be the option to mark players which a user doesn’t want to play with. (for example you mark a player, and he will never be on your team again)

I think that’s a problem also.
I’m not talking only about russians, but they are way more than others. Not all of them are bad, but a large part of them are. They only know how to shoot, but the teamplay is very bad, and tactics are even worse. And that’s bad.

Just played 9 wins in a row, wanted to get longer win streak obviously, and lost 5 matches in a row because of bad players and leavers.

So FaceIT, please do something about this.