Why not have top players move up division regardless of division



As far as I understand how the FPL circuit divisions work the only way, for example, to move from NA div 3 to div 2 is by grinding FPL MMR. I don’t understand why the top players from this league don’t also move up like they do in div 2 to FPL.



because the requirement to enter NA Division 2 is based on being skill level 8-10 on FACEIT. That means its ‘‘open’’ and that everyone who reached level 8 can be part of it. Logically, leaderboards in division 3 would be useless as players would be able to enter Division 2 anyways after they level up.

Also this allows you to move quicker into division 2, rather than wait 1 month.


Would add to what Mikey said that it is very unlikely that you won’t make the level if you are first on the leaderboard.