Why new accounts begins in lvl 4?


I cant understand why a new acc, that the user could be from silver to global elite begins in lvl4, and he can gains that amount of elo, the people should begin with 500 elo and go ranking up (or something like that), in the other way in lvl4-6 you can find in your team all kind of player, it makes so annoying play on faceit in that elo, because you will have a harder game in the situation you are in team with one mg or nova(it is only an example).
I’m posting this because in my last game on faceit (i have 1400-1500 elo) in my team there was one guy with 10 matches in lvl 5 with a 0.6kda and 20%hs, as you can suppose he finally ended the match 15-40 (he got that score because we go to the 4 overtimes) and it is so frustrating playing a game like that. I’m not frustrating for the score of this guy, he just tryed his best and i appreciate it, i’m just saying that faceit should change something in the way that the ranks and new accounts works, because this is not the first time and it isn’t the last.
Sorry for my english


Faceit give some start point. To get lvl2 from lvl1 you need 801 elo points. Players who join and have skill why they need to grind such a low level. Level 4 is the best to get started.