Why is level 7-8 so absolute ulow?

I had a looong break from cs and jet im playing occaitionally a few times a week.
I dont even warmup nor do i play any other shooters.

Currently ranked as level 8 pretty much always topfragger of my team and im always the first to go in to find the entries. Jet im watching my teammates and i get ***** headache.
Id say 85% of the players ranked 7-8 ive met are basically master guardians or lower. It is disgusting how low the skill scieling has become.

People dont know the biggest basics. Like smoke molotovs if you rush, or take controlf of spezific parts of the map as T.
They dont even call properly sometimes completely wrong. They dont trade, they dont push. Unless you tell them what to do. They cant even read the most common ct setups ever.

What on earth just happend to faceit?

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It’s because the system fails hard mate… Good players are stuck on lvl 3 because they are playing with new players in csgo that are playing to determine there skill level… New players should always play against lvl 1 players…