Why I don’t see the mission list?


Hello, Why I don’t see the mission list? My account has been registered for a long time “Currently you don’t have any available missions. Come back later!”


FACEIT Missions, for the most part, are available only to Premium players.


Yes, need “Premium Accaunt” to make them! But can I see them "No premium account? But when I buy a premium account, I see a list of tasks?
I can have any level on faceit
to get (missions) even level 1?


You need Premium thats it. But premium is for addicted players. If you not gonna play that often I suggest buy individual game subscription but you cant get missions.


you misunderstood me because of google translator :frowning:
I mean, can I just see the list of tasks / missions, without having a premium account, just see them, look at them?


You actually can see missions without sub but some players has bugs.


Can you fix this error / bug?
depends on whether I buy premium = (

Profile /en/players/Dr1ve


What you see in home page than? Iam not staff. You can contact with support.


I will contact with them. I will reply.