Why i am not renewing my sub (honest feedback)


I like the platform, i like the servers and how the matchmaking works etc. In this topic i will focus on what i dont like and why its so bad that i dont see the value in purchasing premium. I hope this helps faceit improve and become a viable option again. Maybe what i will write here doesnt resonate with everyone but for the sake of CS im writing it anyway.

1.The ranking system is flawed.
This is something which causes problems mostly in the lower ranks and gives rise to what we call “Elo hell”. The first and most important problem is that the elo system is based only on wins and losses. So i am being evaluated based on a team performance and not on my performance. If i have an awesome game, drop 37 frags but i lose due to some of the most common reasons such as griefing and overall toxic teammates, am i a lesser player? If i play badly but my team carries me am i a better player? Or, if i play a normal match, but in the middle of it someone just decides to leave or troll and we inevitably lose the game, am i still a lesser player? Even worse, if we decide to forfeit a match where we are 5v4, we lose double the amount of elo. How the hell does this make any sense?
In reality you have such a rich source of data apart from simple wins and losses. You have : “Kills, Deaths, Enemies Flashed, ADR, UD, HS%…” Why not use these in order to make evaluate elo? This is something that can be improved and it doesnt even require much effort. The elo system is used for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess. It makes no sense to use this system in a multiplayer game and is the laziest solution imaginable. Any second year computer science or mathematics student from a tier 3 university could make a system utilizing the above mentioned data and it would be infinitely better than the current elo system.
Anyway thats the cause, now the effect:
Eventhough the system is flawed, the easiest way to say that it isnt is by claiming that a level 10 player is clearly better than a level 5 player, so the system works. However, this is a fallacy and the flawed system shows its failure on the lower levels, where you have gold novas going against (or even worse playing with) lems and globals. Levels 1-4 in faceit premium are a cluster of unbalanced matches filled with one sided matchups and players who in matchmaking would never ever meet. Lastly you also have the massive disregard (faceits epic fail) towards griefing which pushes better players down and lesser players up completely randomly.
You could try making a new system utilizing the other data generated by the matches, have it run side by side with the existing elo system and see for yourself if it is better or not. My prediction is that if you do this, you will see that it wont make much of a difference on the high ranks (because i like to think people dont grief as much and it all comes down to teamwork since they are all very good mechanically) but on the lower ranks it will prove that the current system is flawed by showing that you not only have an abnormally large number of players concentrated in 4-5 levels but there is a way larger skill range compared to the players in levels 6-10.

2.Griefing (your epic fail)
Personally this is the deal breaker and why i simply dont see any value at purchasing premium. By griefing i mean the following: “People leaving matches, people throwing matches, people being verbal and abusive towards others, people not putting effort into playing the game with their team but rather doing solo idiotic things and tilting themselves and the rest of the team.”
Personal example:
Before making this post i played 4 matches.
The first match was a 16-5 loss because one player left the match while the score was 8-5 and my teams motivation went to zero. Second half we were on CT side so we all know what it means to play 4v5 there.
The second match was a 16-13 win. This time the enemy team lost a player on the second half and had to play 4v5 on their T side which is more favorable with a bot.
The third match was a 16-11 loss where a player in my team got tilted for some reason on the second half and decided to throw. He was blocking people and dying instantly. I made a support ticket for this. This was a match we could have won but playing 4v5 on dust 2 CT side while one player is teamflashing and calling out our positions is just impossible since it not only undermines our game, but gives confidence to the other team.
The fourth and last match was also a loss, where my team outright gave up playing because one player on my team didnt seem to be as good as the rest (he had like 0 kills in 9 rounds). So people were not trying to play together, constantly flaming the poor guy, and forcing every round with deagles while the enemy team went to town on us.
As you can see from these matches alone i have a net loss of around 50 elo. You can clearly see and if you dont trust me go watch the demos, that in these matches, winning or losing had nothing to do with me being good or bad at cs. It came down to which team had the more toxic people and griefers willing to throw or disconnect. So what is the point of me warming up for 45 minutes before my matches, studying up on nades and practicing in 1v1 and retake servers to make sure i can always deliver at least on my main maps (inf, over, mir, cache), when it all comes to down to griefing? Not every match is like this but its still a massive and significant amount of the matches (in this case all of them). So now you can call me a bad player for being level 1 but here are the stats and the reasons which show that my level is not even close to displaying my skill and knowledge in the game. Im not pro or excellent but my effort and behavior is not reflected in my elo as you can clearly see from todays matches.
Now the reason i call this an epic fail, is because i see the same people griefing game after game. I report them and it does nothing, i make tickets and i have no way of knowing if my request if falling on deaf ears or sth is actually being done about it. All i know is that most of my matches are full of people griefing and throwing with confidence because they know they will not be held accountable for their behavior. Only yesterday i told my teammate in cache Ct side that when rotating from B to A for a retake, he should go through connector and make sure there is nobody flanking late (basic cache theory) and i got cursed out and called a nazi pig for the next 3 minutes because he peeked car wide and got pinned to the wall by an awper playing the stupidest position imaginable next to ticket booth. Will this person be held accountable or get a griefing ban? Probably never. Would he behave the same way knowing people get regularly banned for griefing? Probably yes.
So all im asking is that you actually put more effort and take more action in banning griefers. People dont buy faceit premium because cs feels better on your servers (personally i think there is not much difference between 64 and 128 tick). We play faceit because of the certainty that people will not be cheating or smurfing (because you have a decent AC and ban people with multiple accounts, good job for doing that) and in the end we want people who behave badly to be held accountable. Matchmaking does this by using the trust factor, you can outright hand out 1 week bans and warnings. Even notifying people that you are aware of their behavior and that they risk a ban would deter further griefing. By doing nothing or very little (we dont know which because you dont show if people are banned for griefing) you allow these griefers to ruin the matchmaking and elo system and also attack other paying customers. So if more people do what im doing in the end faceit will be a pit of pure rage (sounds like hell).

This is my feedback. I dont hate faceit or have any ill feelings in any way (otherwise why would i offer constructive criticism). CS is a mostly toxic international community which is impossible to fully manage but there is room for improvement and policing. I assume you guys are trying to do a good job in order to improve the platform and i know that the technical aspect of it all is a challenge in itself which btw good job because there have rarely ever been any disruptions or technical issues. Servers are always great and the client has never had any issues at least to my knowledge. I truly hope that these things get fixed or at least improved in some way and my honest feedback is helpful in doing that. The above are the reasons why i dont feel like clicking play on the 5v5 premium queue anymore and therefore i dont see the point in paying for a service that consistently leaves me unsatisfied. I will most likely remain on the platfrom by subbing to a hub like ECL which promises to deal with griefing. Other than that, please dont take this huge text the wrong way, i only wish you the best, thank you for reading, i hope this helps and i would love to read replies.

Have a nice day/week/month/year.


Improve, get better and climb. Focus on your game and don’t blame others for your failure. Same happens in every team game, where ELO comes in play. The system is working. Play 100 games and see where your trend is going. If you’re stuck and not going up, YOU as a player should improve.

Instead of typing this you could’ve learned about 3-4 new smokes. Stop whining start climbing.