Why faceit matchmaking is getting worst?



Whenever i queue i always meet people who just start playing and they got higher level than me but their skill is so suck…like this afternoon i just meet a newbie playing his first match and his skill is probably 100 times worst than me.After finishing the round his KD is 0.06 and other guy is 0.12.

Any faceit’s staff reading this please try to fix the MATCHMAKING and how are people start with level 5 or 6 when they just start faceit they fucking has higher level than me and play like shit!


I know what u mean with the lvl, Its because " im new on faceit my first 5 games i win, i got lvl 4/5 because i got good mates, Now i got only shit premates, Russians, afkler,leaver toxic kids.
3 matches loosing, im lvl 1.
This is normal just play for fun not for the points, its a game not our life.


I moved from Valve MM to faceit because i want a better gameplay with higher skilled player so i can play competitively also i do have a team but sometimes when everyone not online i have to queue with 1 or 2 of my team mate and the other random 2 mostly newbie.