Why faceit lie about the availability in the store?


why faceit lie about the availability in the store?For example, the presence of such products as:
“The Golden Barb of Skadi”

I found a faceit account in steam and in the inventory found this product.

this item : “TEC9 | Toxic (FN),” I counted about 10 pieces on 2 steam accounts faceit
look for them in steam:FACEIT Delivery 2/ FACEIT Delivery 3 / FACEIT Delivery .Аnd view the inventory If you don’t believe me


@EaSy_UNLe - The amount of stock shown on the store front is the amount of stock currently available. You’ve said you’ve looked through a few FACEIT accounts used for delivery of items, but this doesn’t include all of the Delivery accounts. If stock runs out for whatever reason, and somehow an extra item is sold, that item is just purchased and sent out to the player :slight_smile: