Why faceit don't give me ladder points?


why does the faceit often not give points for winning the premium league? last month because of this I did not get into the top 10, now I won 2 games in a row and again I do not give points. in the profile of the game there, anti-cheat was always on, playing solo started just the premium league. p.s. I apologize for english it’s google translator google.

Not gaining ladder points because change of ladder?

Hey @LixZoOR.


The ranked Leagues are reset monthly and the top players from each League win prizes - such as Premium or FACEIT Points. You can win up to 130,000 FACEIT Points!

In order to be placed into a League, you first have to play three placement matches. After you’ve played these, you will get an alert telling you which League you have been placed into. The only way to play in the League is via quick matches and not tournaments. You can enter Leagues for all the publically available games on our platform, and the different game modes for said games (i.e. SMITE Arena League and SMITE Conquest League).


Source: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/207783109-How-does-FACEIT-s-league-system-work-

There are separate leagues for CS:GO 5v5 and CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM:

  • CS:GO 5v5 games count for CS:GO 5v5 league ladder
  • CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM games count for CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM league ladder

I looked at your stats page and I believe the two won matches you are talking about are:

Those two matches were your second and third CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM placement matches.

If you’re using non-beta FACEIT, you can check your rank in the ladders by changing between the leagues:

If you’re using beta FACEIT, you can check your rank in the ladders by changing between matchmaking queues:

I hope this helps.


thank you