Why FaceIT AC causes input lag?


I’ve noticed that FaceIT ac causes input lag (latency that cant be measured by ping) which affects a lot of losing skill group and elo on a long term. For example played against a premade which had over 150ms ping and mine was around 30-40 but they had still a massive advantage over during the match. Enemies “appeared” from corners like sliding and then killing me. Current problem have occured for a while, maybe years. Without the ac game is playable (matchmaking).

What I’ve done:

  • Nvidia settings (yes, vsync off)
  • Launch opt (-refresh 144 -console)
  • AC is not blocking anything, checked multiple times
  • Reinstalled ac, windows, csgo multiple times

Any ideas or help? Is there possibility that ISP is blocking something or Windows defender? My specs are decent (Ryzen 3700x, GTX 1070, 16gb ram and 100/20 mbs connection).