Why do you allow this?


a player of lvl 10 2.3k ello that boosters lvl 2-3-4 players … it’s not normal. Can boosting service here? If so, please answer this ticket and I will also bring my 10 lvl friends to boost me!


You should check average team elo (elo get/lose) and you will understand why playing with level 10 is not boosting!


he play with the same persons all time…a guy who cant shoot win against me ..i dont think is ok…That guy lvl 2 end that match with 8 kills…and he won…srly??and lvl 10 have 30 …but its ok…
from now on I will only play with the lvl 10 3.5k ello … to boost me ;)…
Beautiful thinking btw…
I am disgusted by the staff


You dont understand what I said! Nobody cares about win or lose. Its all about elo you get or lose!!! Elo points will grind you to next level not wins.

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