Why do I have 40 games for the mission, not 60?


Guys. by CSGO Faceit as you know, there are missions. Friends have all 60 wins for the mission, and I have 40. I’m given 10,000 points, and for them for 60 wins - 15,000. Question: why so? The level is the same.


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pls tell me dude. im fixed the topic


Hey @hellix - The missions player’s receive are not always the same. You and your friends are in two seperate testing groups (as the missions are still in beta), so will receive different missions.


can I change the number of missions using the support? I think this is not fair


As far as I am aware, we are not currently changing the missions that player’s receive or which testing groups they are in. As I said before, the missions are still in a beta testing phase, so everything is subject to change, but just because you get one mission, and your friend another, doesn’t make the free FACEIT Points you’re getting unfair :wink:


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