Why do I feel like I'd rather leave and get banned after the first round?


Join a lobby with a friend, put with 3 Russians. Load into game, go through warm up and knife round and they don’t say anything. Game starts and one of them says a sentence in Russian during freezetime and that’s all they say for 12 rounds. Me and my friend try to surrender when we’re down 11-1 and they vote no, without saying anything. So we leave and take the 30 minute ban rather than continue.
Why does it come to this?
Why are people allowed to refuse to communicate on a competitive platform in a game that relies heavily on communication?
Why is lack of communication not a banable offence?
Why can people queue without microphones?
Why are there not region locks?
Why am I getting games with Russians, Central Asians and North Africans who’s pings are 150+?
Why is there no max ping filter?
Why is there no low priority matchmaking hell for people who are toxic, trolls or just generally assholes?
Why is there no report function for during the game?

You need to answer some of these questions and then implement some fixes or you’re going to lose good players, decent human beings, because of a select few assholes that are ruining it for everyone.


So this forums is the new complaint box? Bro, grow the fuck up and if you wanna 100% play serious pay for sub and join a league or something. Get your whiny ass off here.


I do subscribe asshat, for a paid service you expect a certain level of service that faceit just isn’t providing. I’m not complaining, If I was complaining I’d say all Russians are toxic and useless. Or the community is more likely to abuse you than offer a helpful suggestion or useful input. It’s a list of questions that faceit needs to answer in order to improve their service. Think of it as a suggestion box. Whilst we’re on it:

Why are useless members of the community allowed to post bullshit irrelevant answers to questions in the support forum and not be penalised?