Why do faceit suck so hard=?

First of all i’m currenlty 2500 elo on faceit so im not the worst

I still go into games getting kick for no reason (Getting hours of ban for no freaking reason+ losing elo)
I still get matched up against cheaters who have 200 games boosting people to fpl-c (Wasting my time in a game i know we are going to lose)

it feels like faceit is so retardet you guys dont even notice people cheating on our shit platform to win your free ladders each month to get free skins … and when they do get ban they create another acount couse they dont give a dang about your shitty system man

this guy cheating is top 200 in eu and still no one cares about him boosting his small little friends

how can you let 3 players with 200 matches play against people with more than 10.000 hours of experince when they clearly are cheating? your shitty system only wants us to down/up vote which help shit

http://prntscr.com/oa5czl here you can see the guy doing his boosting service
(Boosting his friends acounts for fpl-c )

I’m just gonna ask you one more time (How do you let a player with 177 matches 3700 elo top 200 eu play in these leauges its so idk how to describe the feeling … But clearly i can tell faceit is facking themselves and also the community

and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv66McpTCU4&feature=youtu.be

do you think i care about the report to potential cheaters like i said before faceit up/down vote aint gonna help me wasting my 45 min in a game :slight_smile: with a cheater or a troller. -

When they legit can go top 200# on your shitty platform and you still cant even see their cheating
its waste of time playing on your platform if this is only one player of top 200 we talking about :slight_smile: then mby you should try and check the other 199 players of the top 200 out

you admins have so low power you cant even ban a cheater or a troller the only thing you can do is put a shitty as comment in the chat saying (UPVOTE DOWNVOTE) cheater grifers, with your trust factor system people still troll when they use it…

2/10 player can call the admin in the lobby -
what can the admin do? say shit in chat (Downvote upvote the player)
faceit clearly dont care about (Smurf,cheaters or trolls)

(s there a limit to how many matches elo is returned to?

Yes, we only return elo to the last 25 matches the suspended player played on their account. So do make sure that you are reporting players you suspect for cheating so we can deal with them as quickly as possible.)

This means right now that the first 150 games this guy boosted his friend aint gonna change shit :slight_smile: from faceit themselves

I’d like to dig deeper, but I have no powers.
The only option is to report a player or/and request a support ticket - http://fce.gg/support

Dear admins i appreciate your help about taking an ekstra look into this guys acount im just sad that i haven’t got all my elo back from the matches i played against him… but im really glad you got him banned :slight_smile:

Only couse of your rule with (we only return elo to the last 25 matches the suspende player played on their acount) i still think you should fix that-

cheater acount banned-