Why are faceit servers so bad?


Compaired to ESEA and CEVO faceit servers really have an awful hitreg.
I am from west EU and even on such servers the hitreg seriously is just as bad as the ones of volvos MM servers.

No shit on ESEA i just oneclick everything without any problems. Beeing extremely good with the deag and usualy raping everything with it.

But on faceit no matter what interp i use i just cant hit shit. Ive rewatched soo many demos to see if im actually off target or why im missing the easiest shots of my life.
But seriously like 7/10 clear headshots just dont register on faceit.

its so fucking annoying.
Do you guys have a fix for that shit?


theyre bad af


Its true… its almost impossible playing on faceit servers, they rly suck but is only for some people, i dont know why … mm server are much better than faceit servers …


Thats true and its hardly sad that we pay for anticheat, but we got worse 128 tick servers than 64 mm. Its really sad from faceit tho