Where to turn that would count victories in mission


It is known that up to 3 numbers the victories were not counted and did not go into the statistics of the missions. Where can I turn, that would count those games.?


My latest win didn’t contribute towards my Mission progress. What can I do?

There are two reasons why this may happen: the game played wasn’t eligible to progress a player’s Mission or it was a bug.

Players can only progress their Missions through FACEIT Matchmaking and select Hubs. Tournament games will not progress a player’s Missions.

If your match was eligible, but didn’t contribute; we are currently in the beta phase for the FACEIT Missions programme, we expect some players will experience bugs with this. We have found that, in some cases, a win won’t show up for a player, but after one or two more wins, the previous win will display. The team are aware of this issue and actively looking into it.

If, after this, a player’s Mission progress hasn’t updated, they should submit a support ticket to the team to investigate on their behalf.
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