When will faceit improve your level system?



My faceit account is level 5.
I was level 6 before I lost a game that I was top fragging on my team.
then I lost my level to 5 .
and I plays series of games . And I was still the top fragger on the team every game. But I lost most of them.
and I was still level 5.
How come that being the best player in the game doesn’t rank me up my level?
Your system constantly feeding bad player to my team that cause the lose.
and that make my level dropped?
I was considering about subscribing faceit premium.
But since you have such a bad system. I think I won’t be subscribing anymore.
Please improve your system to calculate level by how good a player is.
Not the whole team. since level belong to individuals, not the whole team.]
I top frag on my team for like 10 games in a row and I lost my level.
This is dumbest platform system ever.