What's up with subscriptions


what the hell is up with the subscriptions page? i cant see any payment info or info about my current sub. i cancelled it like 2 months abo, because i was paying while not even playing… but just half an hour ago i payed another 21 GBP to sxolla, wich had me wondering if it was still faceit pulling the money or not, but the freaking payment info in paypal is so vague, i cant tell what service im paying for…

Unlimited 6 Months (6 month), invoice

this is litelly all it says


You have to cancel the subscriptions sometimes on both platforms (Both Faceit and your payment processor).

If you paid via paypal check your recurring pay plans.


Hey @boruzki - Your best bet is to contact FACEIT Customer Support. Before you do that, please read this support article:

You can submit a ticket at https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

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