What kind of scam?



Dear friends! What kind of disgrace is happening with gaming gold on the server? Of the 4 codes I bought for 1k gold for the server, only 1 passed! 3 others produces the wrong code and sends me with these codes to the Euroserver. I already applied for help in the Facility Support Service, where I was culturally politely sent to the distance (ie, to read the rules) … ok … survive … and even ready to accept that now I have 3k unnecessary gold for me euroserver … but with this you need to do something! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who addressed you with such a problem. I really hope that this problem can be solved!
Curiously your silence))) … are you trying to somehow solve the problem or just ignore my topic ???


Hey @3a9I_Mo9I - if you have already submitted a Support Ticket, you will need to wait on a reply for them :). I’m sure they will be able to assist with your issue soon.


Kaostik, welcome … they answered that the codes do not return … I once again I resigned myself to the fact that I now have 3 unnecessary codes for the euro server … it would certainly be nice to return the feistpoints and take back these codes and even better gave my bought gold … but there is not so no … I’m leading the whole conversation with the goal that this bug fixed! With this, something needs to be done … this is pure water deception.


Once again I risked to buy 500 gold on the server … the same … the wrong code … no words from indignation … staged a scam!