What is the point in giving NEW players Level 3?


I am not the best player (actually Level 4) and often, when I play a match, I get randoms with Level 3 in my or the enemy lobby. VERY often those Level 3s have 1 or 2 matches played and actually can’t compete on that elo.

Why does everybody have to start at ~ 1000 elo points?

The whole Level-system doesn’t seem to make sense, because it is based on wins/losses only. That means: While playing, i could score zero points and still get elo points on top if my team carries me and we win the match.

It means for new players: Because of getting SO MUCH elo gain and loss from the first matches a gold nova player could get carried to Level 6/7 after some wins and would get stucked in Level 4/5 even after several losses. (I experienced something like that; at the end he was Level 5 with 0,30 KD).

In MM also wins and losses count towards the rank, but also the general individual performance of a player. I think this should be part of the elo on faceit, too.


Also… Why does everybody gain the same elo points by winning/losing a game? A level 1 player should get more pts for win/less points for loss than a level 5 guy.