What headphones do you use?


Hey Faceit,

I am currently in the market for some decent noise canceling headphones. I have punched the letters into the ol’ google box but I am honestly disappointed in the results. I have a large room near a road that has noisy cars and a public bus every hour or so which is really distracting. My budget is around $100-200 US.

Current Specs

  • Sennheiser G4ME ONE
  • FiiO E10K USB DAC
  • On-board sound


  • All this connects very messily into my on-board sound.(Headsets > FiiO DAC > Mic(to mobo, not through DAC) > Mobo)
  • Loose(Cups are around ear but loose, not a good seal, Noise pollution)
  • Sound is exactly as crisp or precise as i want

I am more interested in what you all are using as well as the pros and cons of your setup! Let me know, im excited to see what gear yo are rocking.




For me I use 10€ headsets like about 6 years. There are no suggestions for you because you have your own feelings about sound. Use google its 2019 to find pro player gears.


I use the Sennheiser GSP 600 its quiet $$$, i have experienced that if i use the headphones jack on the front side of my pc i get much worse sound compared to the headphone jack on the mainboard, you should try this too.