Webhooks for Organizer Pages?


From my understand webhooks are only available for hubs that has a user as the organizer, so my question is when will webhooks be available for organizer pages? Is this something that is being worked on, is there an eta?

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: Is the Api rate limit based on the key itself or the developer account?


thanks for your question. We are releasing a new type of Custom Webhook where you can specify organizer_ids that you want to subscribe to. It should go to general availability in max 2 weeks. webhooks is a feature where we are focusing our attention since we are having good feedback. If you have ideas on additional webhooks events that you might like to receive pls let us know and we will definitely look into those.

Re: API rate limit is per API Key, that’s correct.


Is there any webhook that I can use as an organizer in order to fetch new “CONTACT ADMIN” events?


No not yet, but would love this aswell.