We need another Option in Overwatch




Yesterday i had an overwatch Case where the suspect played against an enemy that wouldn’t move away from spawn.

This could be some kind of XP-Farming-Lobby, a derank lobby or the suspect could have cheated before and the enemy team decided to wait for the game to end without having a cooldown. With Prime available for everyone reaching level 21 XP-Boosting Lobbys will be a thing, so accounts can be sold to People that want to cheat.

The fact that we cant know for sure if this lobby is rigged because of the suspect, i don’t have any evidence to give him a griefing ban.

My Solution for this Problem:

Give Overwatchers a way to report suspect Lobby’s from the Overwatch Demo itself or from the “Overwatch Resolution”-Tab at the end of the Demo. The Next thing for Valve would be to check more than one Game from the suspect or all the other Players that were in that Game.

In my opinion it is highly unlikely that you get to such lobby’s by accident twice in a row or over a certain period of time. Showbox Tutuapp

If we can ban People that are XP-Boosting, we could make it extremely hard for cheaters to get new Accounts that are directly Prime.