We have a dude ruining games EVERY GAME he joins at the moment

currently in a game where he is shooting team mates non stop, holding bomb, spamming mic. ruining 100% the game for us THIS SHIT ISNT FAIR TO US FACEIT START BANNING PEOPLE WOW?!?!?!!?!?!?

name is DragOOONNN

we cant surrender, cuz he says no, we cant kick him, cuz its disable. we cant leave cuz we get temp ban… AMAZING SYSTEM FACEIT… AMAZING. this guy has been doing it multiple games already, even seen him do it months ago to. and others have aswell… dude has 3000+ games played. and yet still playing LMFAO!

GOOD JOB BRO’s waste of my time…

joined new game, he is still doing t his LOL

im done with u faceit… just horrible! bye