We are a pubg organization, we need a hub please


I have tried to contact the 3 admins I know, wizzler, tru and cristian, looking for help from you, I tell you we are a community that is responsible for competitive games for chile, argentina, peru, colombia, mexico among other countries, we have the about 1200 players and we would love to collaborate with your amazing tool pubg hub, we know that there is currently a hub taken by FK but seeing the available hubs, wizzler has one created maybe waiting for an organization, as a community we love the competitive environment and all our players have the same thought, therefore if they helped us we could commit to have more than 500 players in the hub during the first months and progressively increase, this issue is a mutual collaboration, since many of them will subscribe to your service in order to be able to participate in future competitions that we carry out with you, that is why I ask you for help with this subject without any profit, just for entertainment, to be grateful for any answer they give me or if on the other hand they need additional information. best regards.


What you meant? You don’t know how to create a center?