Watch out for sore losers


I was awaiting my second match and when it was finally ready to go he guy on the left invited me and set the game up as normal. He was in the FaceIt lobby as the game started. We played the game, I won. And then I looked in the lobby and it was a different player waiting for me to respond. Apparently what happened was the guy who I originally played lost his first game, but instead of fairly reporting he did in the match results he reported that he had won the game and the client automatically moved him on to me, with out me knowing at all, and i played a meaningless game. I think its BS to be honest. But i didnt know i was getting screwed until the game was over. If there’s anything to be done about this that would be sweet, if not I guess I’ll just have to wait til 4/14 to try again. Hopefully it wont be as ridiculous as this was.