Was waiting for a response from support for 2 days,got banned instead


I was trying to understand why I wasn’t getting any rewards since I was finishing in top 10 the last few seasons…Instead of giving me an answer the support guy told me that I was banned because I was lowering my elo on purpose…My elo was ALWAYS low because I played faceit instead of matchmaking till I actually learned the game…Now I’m just trying to win enough games to finally get to lvl 2…I didn’t even care about the ladder rewards,since I already have enough skins BUT it was unfair because I actually paid for premium faceit,i was only looking for an answer,not the actual reward…If someone actually takes the time to see my account history the will understand enough…All my early matches were horrible but you can see that what im saying here is the actual case because of my growth as a player,it’s all there in the match history damn it…Why is it bannable for someone to fix his elo,I’ve never seen this before…I’m honestly waiting for a reply,if the ban stays,i want a refund from premium,id much rather play esea again…

This is the account https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Anasou