Votekick Abuse & Grief & Trolls

Troll&Grief&Abusive Chat

anguzito - Ottogege - leftkk - CrazyDk88 - MiniDk89 - RaptorCOD - M_OZT - Nenavizju - muX1337 - alex0re - Imagine8 - Squidonge - luxxnn - JoforceBurn - screwedhard - hammejeiner - zutika - Miko–

What i did ;

  • Just giving info trying to help each other…
  • No thrash talks …
  • Was top frag mostly…

What they did;

  • No Communicate/Abusive Chat
  • Trolling & Griefing (Firing at you flashing etc)
  • Votekick abuse and kick you.

Every time i facing like these kind of players. And saving their nicknames in a wordpad. Im checking sometimes their profile. And they are still playing @Faceit. Support is doing nothing… This is why faceit is a bad place for playing ranked (Yes i still playing because sadly paid) Maybe i should find 4 friends and kicking last guy for trolling ? What is this place ?

Sorry but faceit is scamming .

Edit: Also im already writed ticket to support. But i think these players clamied by faceit. And they are letting you lose.

Thats how Faceit works.
When they will allow live Admins to solve this issue than we can see some effect. Otherways deal with it.

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these guys are liking abuse too

-marti- F1L1NTA - FREEL0 - ludv1gsen

I’ll not buy faceit again. Because of these cancer trolls & griefers & toxics. Look when you contact live admin; they cant help you because they are " TECH Support " %95 No server problems but they are active. A lot fuckn retards trolling and griefing players in match; but NO ADMIN Right there in online. Thats really how faceit works. Fully scam business. Boosted players - Cheaters - Trolls - Griefers - Abusive Chat this is faceit.

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