Vicious circle of the fbi-index


At first sorry for my bad englisch.
What i realised is that it’s impossible to play FaceIt (premium) right now. When i bought FaceIt premium i played it with a couple of friends and got to level 6 and then alone to level 8. The problem is that as soon as i played with some really aggressive or what you call toxic players i realized that my FBI Index is going down. At first i ignored it but as i played more and more matches it didnt got better and was always under the average.
I dont know if its just the toxic cs community in faceit or something else, but what i know is that the toxic players like it the most to report somebody in faceit just because they are mad. Like in the title said it’s a vicious cicle because i cant get out of the bad fbi index and i always play with aggressive players. Like this i got to level 6 now and i am worried to play more faceit because i know that my teammates will troll after the pistol round and get aggressive on all teammates, especially on calm teammates who try to ignore them like me but then they report me and my fbi index goes down even more. There should be many possibilities like people who have low fbi index can’t influence the fbi index of other people that much or someting else. Of course its like the trust factor in csgo matchmaking a good idea, but people abuse it to calm their aggression and ruin the game expirience of other players. I know its the same like many 1000s of people wrote already about the toxic people but what to do know in my situation. I’m really trying to get one of the best in this game but i dont see something else then keep playing on global in matchmaking but you just need the level 10 to get respected and to advance in the cs history