Version 0.10.3 cant Cannot click "play"


version 0.10.3 cant Cannot click "play"
Cannot click "match room"
No display copy ip and ip

click “go to server” have fps drop.

click “go to server” game will suddenly shut down without any errors


Hey - thanks for reporting it. Did it happen again (we pushed a couple of updates since you reported it).
Also - a few questions:

  • Did you have the AC on when the go to server didn’t work?
  • When you say “no display copy ip and ip”, you don’t see it at all? You do not see the clipboard icon?

The play/go to room buttons are being fixed

Edit: PLAY button and MATCH button have been fixed.

Would be great to have more info re the IP and copy IP has we havent been able to replicate it.


I had the same problem with “No display copy ip” but it seems like its fixed now.


Great! Let me know if it happens again