VaC On another game


played DotA with cheats and it seems that I do not get FACEIT to connect CS GO.Help me please

Can I connect Dota 2 if CS:GO has VAC?

Hey @KLeONTa.

If you have a ban in CSGO / Dota2 / TF2, you cannot play at all on FACEIT on any Valve games.

Please take a look at this support article:


And what do I do? Create a new account?


You can use FACEIT platform with a Steam account which is not VAC banned.

Please keep in mind that:

  • you can have only ONE FACEIT account. If you have already had a FACEIT account and you created a new FACEIT account with a new game account, without asking for the old one to be deactivated you will receive a permanent ban.
  • if you have made a new FACEIT account to avoid a ban on your main FACEIT account then the new account will be banned permanently and the main account’s ban will start over. Repeated infractions can result in an extension of the ban length.


Okay, can you deactivate my account?


Please read this support article:

You need to submit a support request -


It turns out that to me to play on your platform, I need to deactivate this account, create a new account and re-register here?


Hi @KLeONTa - this is not the case.

As you have not yet linked any game accounts to your FACEIT account, you can connect a Steam account to your current one. The Steam account linked cannot have a VAC ban on it.

Hope this helps.