VAC Authentication Error


Hello, before I started playing FaceIt I’ve had this error several times. Now that I’m playing here I’ve had it 5 times in total, that gave me 3 cooldowns. The other 2 times were because it happened at the end of the matches. I’ve received a 3/4 hour cooldown now, but I’ve also read already that you guys don’t remove bans under 12 hours. I’m afraid it will happen soon again so I’ll go over the 12hour limit.
I’ve tried everything to prevent these errors, but they keep popping up. I don’t use any other programs than Steam, Teamspeak3 and Faceit while I’m playing a match.
Does someone have any tips to prevent these errors or is a helper/staffmember of this forum so polite to lift these cooldowns when they pop up because of this VAC Authentication Error.

Thanks, BSRS

Help, once again
Help, once again

Getting the ‘VAC Authentication Error’ over and over. Every day again

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Having a 8hour bann now because of something I don’t know. Can’t find any solutions on the internet.
Can anyone help me sorting out whats wrong and so help me lifting these bans.

Thanks, BSRS


I’m sorry to hear about your issue. I’m afraid there’s nothing else I can do to help you other than ask you to see this article: