Using/Adding Custom Maps in Hubs for FACEIT



The FACEIT hub system is one of the most useful things I’ve used so far, especially for a small group of around 50 people or so. Having access to this systems adds options for using the faceit anti cheat is uplifting and can give a sense of enforcement if fear of “hacks” are created. However there is one small desire which is the request for other maps to be introduced. Being able to throw maps like say winners of the mapcore contest in these hubs to be tossed around in the rotation could add variety. Additionally there are maps that are difficult to officially implement, like Tuscan as a popular example which would be enjoyable in this sort of environment. This is the form of thing I would more understand as say a paid feature but its something I believe would enhance the abilties for what hubs can do extensively while still being focused purely on competitive play.