Username / Nickname Change


Hi all,

I’ve a big problem. I have, like you see on my name, a really stupid nickname which I choosed because of misunderstanding something at the registration. Anyway I would like to change the nickname to the name (or similar) what I use on steam. So the only way ist to gain faceit points. And here it starts.
I’m loving the experience faceit is offering to me when playing. But as I have a family and kids I’m not able to play that much to win faceit points. And playing two times a week is just not enough to get into the place wo win some points. So there is absolutely no chance for me to change my nickname. This is really annoying. Maybe it would be possible to offer all members the possibility to change their nickname once a year for free or little money. Or let supporters chnage the nickname 2 times in a year and premium users 4 time a year. But please just offer a possibility for people like me who like the platform to change there nickname. Even when you pay for it.
Thank you. I’m hopeless.

Best regards


Ask to support i guess :


I already did this. But they say I need faceit points. I hope that other people think the same. And it is not the point, that I want that you can change your name all the time. I think it is good if people have to stick to their name for better recognation. But in some cases it is just not possible to get together the faceitpoints that are neede for an name change. So i think it would be a nice gift back to the community to implement an option to change it without faceit points. I still have some kind of hope.