User *** has not registered game csgo



Hello, i register cs:go on my acc, trying to find a game - error appears
“User kln_m has not registered game csgo”. Why?


u fix this problem ?


I have this issue as well.


same :frowning:


please help !


My other account have same issue… i even submit a ticket to get support from yesterday but havent got an answer yet and then i create this account same way like my other account and i dont have this problem… plz help!!


I have the same problem. Does anyone know the solution?


Is anyone from FaceIt working on this problem? I have submitted a support ticket and its been 2 days.


ME too :C


Same here


The team’s looking into this now - should have word soon :slight_smile:


Same here :frowning:


Fixed! Dunno how but its working for me now


Still hasnt work for my other account “Aquiver15”… plz help!!


Still not working for me


This issue should now be fixed for those that posted before I replied. Could you all please register Steam again on your account and try to add the game?

@st4yn1ght - Just so you are aware, it’s against our terms of service to have more than one account. I would highly recommend you contact our support team and request that they deactivate one of your accounts, or run the risk of having both banned:


ok then i will submit ticket to deactivate this one, i make this account cuz this problem anyway… so long i can play in my “Aquiver15” account i dont need this one… so can you fix my “Aquiver15” account??


How do you register steam again? It can’t be redone or can it ?


If you cannot do it yet, then your account has not yet been fixed. It’s only the ones above my previous post who are currently fixed.


im having the same problem, any word on when it will be fixed?