‘’ User *** has not registered game Csgo ‘’ Help me?


Hello ‘’ User *** has not registered game Csgo ‘’ I get an error, can not enter the game please help?

I searched a lot and could not find a solution :frowning:

ticket number : 642521


Please help me guys


Hello @HED , if you already submitted a support ticket then be patient .
They should answer you in approximately 48h .

Would you please help?

@HighisIT There are tickets that I expected 10 days and I did not answer 4-5 tickets in total and I was not answered.


Hello again @HED , @Kaostic will help you if the ticket number is still available .


@HighisIT @Kaostic This ticket is for 10 days (474998) This ticket is for 1 week (635914) This ticket was kicked today (642521) but I still do not answer any author thanks thanks faceit :slight_smile:


The ticket(s) are assigned to our team and will be getting a reply shortly.


I am waiting for an answer thanks.


@Kaostic Could you check the mail if possible? I sent the necessary information.


@Kaostic I do not want to wait another 10 days for an answer. Please tell them to look at the mail :slight_smile: @Kaostic


The support ticket is with our support team now, not me or anyone that works with the forums :slight_smile: Please be patient with their response.