User feedback after game [Thumbs up | Thumbs down]F



tl;dr: pushing green thumb, no selection
make green thumbs (and red thumbs?) somehow more visible
possibly give some (random?) in return for user

Make user feedback more forwards.
For example, instead of choosing “fun” or “helpful”, just make it automatically go “+1” or something.
I don’t think a lot of people choose between help or fun with thought, I 99% of the time choose “fun”, if the player was nice to play with.

Also some grouping when creating parties would be nice. For example, my last N games have been quite toxic filled (last few games were nice, thanks for the participants!)

Sorry if this is a mess, I add a picture to make it more clear:


Thanks for the feedback, @mxO_o - I’ll include it in my weekly feedback report for the team! :slight_smile: