''URGENT!'' ''Failed to load launcher DLL'' Error


I was playing on Faceit actively back this summer and had no issue with this AC. Now I can’t open the game when Face it AC is on behind. It says ‘‘Failed to load launcher DLL’’
I have checked some solutions and that says to delete steam and install again or verify the game cache… Tried everything but it doesnt work. When I close the Faceit AC I can access the game easily, so there is a problem in Face it AC. As I said I literally tried everything even updated the whole windows 10 and other applications and also tried to delete and install face it ac like 20 more times but it does not work. I’ve got banned from matchmaking on faceit because of this problem like 6 times. Are there anybody or authorized people who can help me with this issue, I need your help so badly. Thank you so much.


The game does not start, and an error shows up: Failed to load the launcher DLL