Updated Qualifier Start Times


I just received the email in regards to the updated start times for the qualifiers. I was just on the client and it hasn’t been updated to reflect the new start times. I’m scheduled for the one originally made to start at 1300. So I’m clear on this, that one has now been moved to start at 9AM Eastern Standard Time? (It says 10am Central in the email, I’m in Eastern Time) With the check now to start at 7AM EST? Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


The match you’re referring to is, I assume, this one?

This kicks off at 10AM CDT / 11AM EDT. Check-in is two hours prior so is at 8AM CDT / 9AM EDT.


yeah thats the one. Just realizing now i totally botched the time zone thing on my end, lol. Thank you for clearing that up for me though. 9am check in 11am match. noted!!


I am in this same group. So if the tourny now starts at 11am EDT, does that mean I have to be available to start the game exactly at 11 or can the game take place at any time within the hour? I was planning on having this start at the original time and now may have a conflict based on the reschedule…


Help,I have the same issue , my check in was at 11am now if I am understanding it is at 9 am? Okay no problem , but on my faceit account it hasn’t been updated and won’t let me check in!!! What the heck shoulda know something dumb like this would happen sucks to plan your day around something you know would fail anyways . Cmon .


Hmm, looking again at this, it says that it starts 18:00 BST, which would make it a 12PM CDT / 1PM EDT start time and a 10AM CDT / 11AM EDT check-in, opposed to start time.

I think I just mixed up my numbers (time zones are confusing).

Easiest way is to look at the “Tournament Starts In…” timer. You’ve got 2 hours until check-in on this one: https://www.faceit.com/en/nhl_18_PS4/tournament/e185fd91-8d1c-4785-b5a4-926142fa8612


So basically that email that was sent out means nothing then?


The only email I received was this morning at 9h26 EDT saying the check-in started 2 hours before the start of the online qualifier. I was in a reunion from 9h00 to 10h30 EDT and couldn’t see this in time… I looked at everything on the site and Canadian brackets were supposed to start at 13h00 and check-in at 11h00… I find this sad, cause I organized my day to be able to play and now I can’t… is there anyway possible way to put me on the after-noon bracket ? If I knew, I would have asked to be put on the after-noon.



Same thing for me… I was thinking the check in was at 11h… and now i cannot play the tournement. Well played!!!